Monday, May 29, 2017

The Garage is on Facebook

I've decided to make a Facebook page for the Garage. Eventually, I may transition completely to a social media page. I feel it's easier to manage and will reach a larger audience eventually. We shall see.

If you wanna keep watching my descent into madness and procrastination on there, come on in! I made it a public group for ease of membership. I will update some of my older posts on there, especially as they pertain to the new edition approaching.

Speaking of, I'm excited to begin posting more with 8th about to drop. Exciting times!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Months ago, when I heard rumblings about a new edition for 40k, as you can see, I took a break from Warhammer. Reenactment season was in full swing, so I mainly concentrated on events and getting a new site up for our group. Now that the flood gates are open on all things 8th, my interest has definitely been piqued! Hearing all sorts of good stuff so far; a total shake up of the game, which was needed.

Are they going to "dumb" it down like AoS? Sounds like a no, which is very welcome. Could they make army selection a bit easier than quantum physics? Hope so.

And man oh man, hearing that Papa Nurgle will get some love out the gate KICKS ASS. We've seen possible Starter Set news with them included, plus other hints from G Dub that they are going to get pushed soon. That is awesome news as it means more models, meaning more conversion possibilities. It's a very exciting time as each day more rumors and news come out.

I have to say I absolutely love that GW has been super informative about the changes too. They're literally posting every day on it, which is a welcome change. No more rumors for months, it's right from the horse's mouth now. Has these new rules caused some hurt? Sure, but every Edition has it's rage quitters. Hell, I did it with AoS, just turned me off completely. I think we won't see as mass an exodus this go as we did with Fantasy players though, just a hunch.

Another thing that has kept me busy is that my girl and I are getting a house! Super excited on this, as is she. We'll have a nice big garage and a proper area to play again, so it's ON my friends. Perfect timing too, with a new edition she'll start from scratch and not have to un-learn anything really.

So we'll all wait patiently for now, and gobble up what news we get, and wait for the release to pop. Time to pack all the models up, get the move done, get my girl set up with her army, and start this new edition!

See you soon.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Resolution time!

Time for that tried and true  sorta true tradition, the hobby resolution list for the upcoming year.

I had three resolutions from last year. Get the Chaos Marine / Daemon army done (almost complete, so not bad), build a table with painted terrain (done), and get my girl's Khorne army going (does buying a Bloodthirster count?). All in all, not bad!

So for this year,we'll keep it simple again.

1. Finish up the Nurgle army.
2. Get Mandy on painting and modeling her Daemonkin army.

To finish the Nurgle army, I still have the following to paint:

Great Unclean One
Chaos Knight
2 Chaos Cultists squads
Plague Zombies
Beasts of Nurgle

I'm waiting to see if new Plague Marines or Termies will be released this year; if so, we'll add those to the list too cause I know they're gonna be good. Getting Mandy going with her army won't be too difficult at all as I already have a lot of the stuff, some even painted. Of course, she will add her own touch to them I'm sure. Playing weekly games will become a reality once she is living with me too, so that's awesome to look forward to. I'll also try to get my old gang playing more.

And look at that, progress made already! These Nurglings are a blast to convert and paint up fairly easily. Next up will be the Cultists.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Chaos Sorcerer reworked

Initially when I painted this Nurgle Sorcerer, I envisioned him as still in his white Death Guard armor.  It really didn't fit the overall color scheme of the army, and after a suggestion from my girl, I reworked him a bit. I like this better; he's a little more interesting now and less Horus Heresy. Seriously, who could keep their armor white for 10,000 years?

Started a test figure for my Traitor Guard too. I think the yellow will contrast well with the rest of the greens in the army. I forgot how tedious a normal size figure was to paint, it felt tiny after all those Marines!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nurgle Helbrute

Finished up painting the Helbrute this weekend, since it was cold AF outside.

Very simple color scheme, just some brass for the armor edges, and Elysian Green for the armor. This was washed a whole bunch, with Agrax and Sewer Water mostly. I spattered blood on it to add to that nasty, unclean look. I highlighted the armor some after the washes dried to make it pop a little more.

Pretty happy with him, and I like how the textured bits of Agrellan Earth came out for it's cracked and warped armor.

In other news, I got the Traitor Legions book, and there is a TON of good stuff in there. Reading it this morning I was overwhelmed; so many possibilities for our beloved Death Guard. I think they are clearly one of the early winners from the book. They got even tougher. D-FENS!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Nurgle Heldrake

It's pretty much close to being done, other than the base and a few minor highlights. I hope she'll be vomiting on Loyalists soon!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Traitor Legions

Well! Well, well, well ,well! Well, well, well, well!

This is awesome news! FINALLY...real, actual, dedicated Traitor Legion rules. Been a long wait, especially after Chaos got neutered so badly after the 3.5 codex.

Here's hoping more new models come down with the release. Seeing what they did with the Thousand Sons, I have high hopes for new Plague Marines. Super stoked for this!