Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chaos Knight plans

The Imperial Knights Renegade box showed up on my doorstep the other day, and it made me all...

Super excited about converting both a Nurgle one for myself, and a Khornate version for my girl. I'm already brainstorming about how to do both. I'll raid the Lord of Skulls kit for the Khorny one. That should be fairly easy; between the big f'ing axe and the head piece, it'll be a good start.

The Nurgle one will probably entail a wild mix of kits. From just browsing through my bitz, I can see adding Maulerfiend, Soul Grinder, Defiler, Glottkin, and various spikes, skulls, bodies, banners, and horns on her. My dremel is drooling at the chance to get a hold of that plastic.

Kinda digging this head for it too.

Then there's the load out on them. Of course, make the Khorne one a h2h monster with a reaper chainsword and thunderstrike gauntlet. Not much in the way of shooting, but that's for pussies anyway, right? Nurgle one I'd love to make a gun platform out of; the thought of two rapid fire battle cannons blasting away is just sick. Expensive, but sick.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Daemon Prince of Nurgle WIP

Had this lovely fellow sitting around for a while. Initially, folks weren't too keen on the head I used for him, but I kinda like him more now that it's painted up. The head melds better now I think, Still a little ways to go on him, but I like how grotesque he's turning out.  His pose kinda sprang out a bit more too, like he's plodding along stalking some prey.

Started with a white basecoat, followed by Ogryn Camo base for the body, Balor Brown for the wing membrane, and a lot of Typhus Corruption and Ryza Rust for his axes.

After all the base colors were on it was a steady wash of Sewer Water and Baby Poop. Yes, you read that right. I also played around with Nurgle's Rot too, mostly on his gut and wounds. I like the effect it made and will be using it to make some nasty little toxic pools on some terrain and bases in the future.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Downed Airship WIP

These were fun to paint up! My girl suggested blue for the airship color, and I'm glad she did, cause it'll make some of this dreary-ass terrain pop on my table.

That's it for stage 1 of the terrain project. Still have to go back in and get the rubble locked down, add some signs, mud, and blood, and maybe match the black to the more dark purple of my Frontline Gaming mat. Have I mentioned how awesome they are?

No more playing in Plastic City for us!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Centerpiece Terrain WIP

The cityfight centerpiece is almost done!

I really liked how the pillars came out. They looked terrible after the initial drybrush; then the wash fixed them right up. I'm glad I went with Nuln Oil there.

I found some Youtube vids on how to make your statues look oxidized, mixed some paint up to try it and totally f'd it up, went to buy some paint closer to that bluish-green color...then noticed I already had Nihilakn Oxide in my paint collection. Total fail. I liked the ease of using it, just brush on and be done.

I had to fill in the hollow cake pillars with some green stuff. I figured the Imperium would not cheap out on that.

Just a few more downed airship pieces to go and stage 1 of the terrain project will be done. Woot.

I am beating down my painting malaise like a champ!

Monday, July 25, 2016


Nothing too exciting, just some craters I finally got finished for the table. Kinda proud of the progress I'm making lately; you'd think I was that Mordian 7th guy... :)

I... uhhhh, also need to get the Nurgle army based. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nurgle Hellbrute Part 2

Last year I tried whipping up a Hellbrute conversion. It didn't really work, and when I painted it, things got worse. Total disaster. I swore off trying to do another one, especially considering that dreads / brutes just aren't that hot rules wise these days.

G-Dub is trying to give them a little kick, upping their attacks in the new errata. I can only assume the Chaos Marine variant will get these as well (although IMO what they really need is more resiliency to stick around long enough to get into h2h).

My terrain is cruising along well, so I took a break from it to make this thing. To give him two power fists I hacked off the thumb on a spare one I had and switched it to the top of the fist with some green stuff. A lot of the other parts for it come from the Maulerfiend and Chaos Spawn kit. The taller legs give him a much more menacing pose I think. As always, Green Stuff Industries tentacle maker comes in handy!

One thing I'm experimenting with is some cracked armor texture, using Agrellan Earth. It looks really good at this stage, just hope it survives once I prime it. If it works good I'll probably use it on some Plague Marines I'm looking to build in the near future.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Even MOAR terrain!

This is addictive.

Got the downed ship in a trade last year; been meaning to get it based up for some scattered blocking terrain. I think it'll break up things nicely. I don't know if that's where the tail goes, but fuck it, it's glued and already primed.

The statue piece I've had for a while, just needed a little love to get it done. I think it'll make a cool centerpiece for the table. I imagine some Chaos thugs blasted it and will be adding some heretic graffiti to it once I get it painted.

I still have a TON of bitz to make walls, buildings, destroyed vehicles, elevator shafts, etc. I may need to stop and concentrate on getting these done first though!