Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Space Marine Apothecary

To be...or not to be......

Not to be.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Grey Knight Dread

This guy will probably go in the For Sale heap. I guess the long range firepower might be viable still, but it's a shame the ol' Psycannon Dread went bye bye. I like the idea of a Drop Pod Venerable Dreadnought so much better nowadays anyway.

It was fun making the guns for him at least! He could still be used as a counts as Autocannon Dread.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Grey Knight Librarian

Nothing too sexy here tonight, just an old GK Librarian I pulled out as I was assembling what models I had to use for my Imperial force I'm starting to work on. I used to love those GK plastics, so well done! I may have a few as Allies if the rules look good; heard the Librarians got cheap. Anyone that can put a kibosh on psychers these days is damn good if you ask me.

I think the Empire bitz always worked well with the Knights. The arm with the Force sword is from the og GK termie set. The casting hand was from a Space Marine rocket sprue.

This guy's gonna need a new city base...

Monday, August 11, 2014


I realized I had enough parts to make a Whirlwind this evening, and pieced one together pretty quickly. I love these little things! It's not the toughest, but it can hide and still shoot a respectable pie plate to take out light / medium infantry pretty reliably.  Thank you Barrage. Since my usual meta is Tau, anything I can give good cover to and that will break up castling Fire Warriors is good!

Not too much converting here, other than the scrolls, book, and purity seals. I'll probably use this as my test model when I use my airbrush again and start painting the army. Since it should be a fairly low model count, I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Space Marine Tactical Squad

So my future Imperial Fist army may be gaining momentum. It went from a few ideas in my head to an actual squad in a couple of days! I had a chance to sit down with the Marine codex this week and absolutely loved it. I think this army is totally made to do well in 7th Edition. It tops everyone as far as versatility goes.

The only chapter I could ever do would be the Fists. I love the fluff, their Primarch, the color scheme, everything. This would be the first good guy Marine army I've ever done in the eighteen years I've been playing this game (other than that time with Grey Knights...)

I picked up a Tac Squad earlier this week and used the last day of my vaca to put them together. My idea for this army is a veteran force of hardcore city fighters. Since your typical Marine mini is a tad boring, I decided to pay more attention to their bases. I'm using plasticard to replicate steel flooring (which I need to clean up the edges of) and plan on using pieces of rubble and  destroyed walls freely as well. I also want to make them look like they've been in constant war for a while; pieces of their armor are blasted and in desperate need or repair.

Stay tuned, more yellow is on the way!