Saturday, May 28, 2016

Khorne Daemon Prince 2.0

Getting a lot done! I've primed my girl's first Daemon Prince I built from the old Bloodthirster model and a few more buildings as well. I was assembling a sale pile, and had this old metal DP in there, but thought I'd show it to her to see if she wanted it as a second Prince for her army. She loved it, so, I had to Khorne it up for her. Not much really, just did a weapon swap with the big axe and then added the vulture perched on him (she loves some birds).

I may add some chain or barbed wire to his wrist to cover up the sawing I had to do to get the axe angle right. Makes you appreciate converting with plastic!

Also swapped the head out on this Berserker Champion model; looks more Khorny now.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Inventory Day!

I'm feeling under the weather, so I should totally not rest and pull out all my models to take stock of what I have, what I need to build and paint, and what I need to sell. Riiiiight.

No idea where the energy is coming from, but I'm staying busy today. 

First up, my Nurgle stuff (and an awful picture). 

Great Unclean One
2 Daemon Princes
2 Sorcerers of Nurgle in Terminator Armor
6 Death Guard Terminators
6 Beasts of Nurgle
11 Raptors
20 Nurgle Cultists
7 Nurgling bases
50 Plaguebearers
3 Obliterators
1 Helldrake
5 Nurgle Spawn
2 Soul Grinders

Not a bad bit of variety. It's getting close to being painted too, which is awesome. As far as plans for it going forward, it's looking like...

1. Finish painting it, obviously.
2. Wait for new Death Guard Marines to be released so it actually has some in the army.
3. Build some Plague Drones (still on sprues).
4. Try to convert some Plague Zombies for it again. Not happy with the last ones I tried.
5. PLAY!

Now onto the Khorne stuff for my girl. She's so ready to start!

Bloodthirster (Happy B-Day babe!)
Daemon Prince
20 Berzerkers
30 Bloodletters
24 Flesh Hounds
5 Juggernauts
1 Khorne Spawn
1 Blood Throne of Khorne
Khornate Defiler 
2 Land Raiders
4 Rhinos

Going forward, we must...

1. Get the Daemonkin codex, another Thirster', and some more Bloodletters.
2. Get her back into painting again. 
3. Teach her the game.
4. Build another Daemon Prince.

I also have some more terrain to build, including that destroyed Rhino piece I got in a trade a while back. I actually got a couple of buildings primed the other day between all the f'ing rain we've gotten lately. Will be painting some of those to get back into the saddle and back at finishing these projects. Still eyeing a potential Mechanicus force too, waiting on the codex to drop. 

Now to put the sale stuff together...and maybe a little Hellbrute project from some bits I found. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Workin' on terrain...finally

I am completely uninspired to work on anything army-wise as of late. I have a few half done models here and there, a greater daemon to work on, and some old models to sell. Don't want to do any of it. Instead, it is time to prime!

I've had this terrain built for years. It's time to get these painted up so we'll have a more dynamic battlefield to play on. These kits were so much fun to work on, just a million ways to put them together. I've always preferred a destroyed Imperial city to fight on, going back to old White Dwarf magazines with great cityfight articles and pictures.

The terrain can be punishing for my usual play style of hand to hand, as there are a ton of walkways and fire lanes for shooters here. Some good cover at least; I also have a bunch of craters built which will help. Oh well, like Bob Morton in the big city.

Here's a few examples. I can pretty much fill up a board with these, so it's time to get busy. I envision just some primer, basecoat, wash, and highlight for these. I'll add static grass growing up out of them to add to their dilapidated state. Maybe print up some propaganda posters to add here and there as well.

 End of the line for Mr. Berserker.

 These columns are cake decorations; they work great for some Imperial statues!

 I think the Orks got to this one.