Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WIP Death Guard trooper

Just started on a seven man unit of Death Guard now that the first batch of Plague Zombies are finished. Lovin' those FW upgrades, truly sick! After this squad is done it's on to either the Termies or a Maulerfiend.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


This blog needs some color! (said in Joker 89' voice)

Some WIP's of  the Plague Zombies. Tried to stick to a basic and easy paint scheme since I have about 100 of them to do! I did a few with a more fleshy color, but eventually settled on good old rotted lookin' green.

1. Prime white
2. Skin is Elysian Green
3. Guts and sores is old GW Red Gore
4. Wash sagaciously with Agrax Earthshade
5. Add a little more Elysian Green to the low areas
6. Highlight with Ogryn Camo
7. Pick out edges with some Pallid Witch Flesh
8. Add some gloss varnish to the open guts

I used some toothbrush splatter on a few of them. They still need a few more layers of gloss added to the guts plus the bases done.

Some closeups...

Monday, April 8, 2013

First game with Nurgle Marines

Finally got around to playing a 3 way Scouring game with my Nurgle Marines. I played with my usual opponents, who always make the game fun and definitely keep you on your toes. They played Tau and Nids, 1500 points.

My list was as follows:


25 Plague Zombies

25 Plague Zombies

25 Plague Zombies

7 Plague Marines – X2 Plasma guns

7 Plague Marines – X2 Plasma guns 

6 Chaos Terminators – Mark of Nurgle, Champ w/ Gift, Power axes 

Helldrake – Baleflamer 

I really wanted to field some Daemon allies but just couldn't find the points. I tried taking a balanced force to try out things for the first go round, plus to be ready for whatever my opponents were bringing. Tau were used playing the new codex. That's part of the reason I took as many Zombies; I expected them to get shot to pieces!
We squared off into our three deployment zones after setting the 6 objective pieces out. I seized the initiative and went first, jumping the first piece next to my deployment zone. Lucky me, it was worth 4! Other than shambling forward my Plague Zombies and running the Maulerfiend into some cover across the street, nothing much on my side.
Nids and Tau went next. Lots of shooting with the Tau, dropping a few things here and there from both of us, although thankfully much of his stuff was out of range as he had the short table edge. The Nid Tervigon pooped out some bugs and the grabbed an Objective worth 2 points. Both mine and his were Sabotaged too, but luckily never blew up the whole game. I think the Tau grabbed their 2 point piece as well.
On my next turn I charged the Maulerfiend forward to go after a small group of bugs the Tervie had created. I was hoping for first blood, as I had the 4 point piece pretty secure. Being up 5 would be a great start. Didn't happen though, the Maulerfiend, while being really damn fast, got into combat with them and promptly killed one of the 5 there. No first blood for me. That would go to my Nid opponent who next turn, brought Tervie in to Hulk SMASH my poor Fiend. I forgot about the Daemon 5++ for it to!
Tau and Nids go, with the Tau starting to WRECK anything close to them with shooting. With neither of us putting much pressure on him at his point, he was able to waltz up the field and lay fire into both of us. It was clear that if this kept up, we wouldn't be holding any objectives by the end, so a temporary truce was had, and we turned our attention to deep striking in some pain to put a damper on the Tau shooting. Nid pods came down and eventually my Nurgle Terminators, led by Typhus, and although none of it got into combat with the Space commies, it got their attention and forced them to shoot at the close stuff, taking some heat off us and Nids grabbing Objectives further up the board. Once all the shooting was done, all of the Nids that jumped in were dead, and my Termies were untouched. At that point I decided it was truce off time, and took back off towards my lines to go smash the remaining bugs up there! If I could get into into cover and through some difficult terrain quickly I could pull it off.
My Helldrake finally came on and went after every objective holding bug it could find. It put some wounds down and burned a few things, but nothing too crazy as most of it was either Monstrous Creature or multi-wound. My zombies piled into Tervie, trying to take her down, and my Plague Marines shot into some of the bugs as well. Having a good amount of cover during this kept the Tau from getting too many shots in, which was a huge help.
End game it was me controlling the 4 point Objective and contesting one, Nids with First Blood, and Tau with maybe a 2 point Objective. A close one there for a while, and a really fun game for sure.

I definitely want to try out the Maulerfiend again, forgetting the invulnerable save got her killed quicker than usual I'm sure. I forgot to use any of Typus' psychic stuff, as I'm not use to magic in my 40k games yet! The zombies did great, holding Objectives is what they are there to do after all. Feel No Pain on them really helped a lot. The Helldrake wasn't too much of a terror, but I suppose when it goes after something juicier that I'll dig it more. The balelfamer is just sick. Typhus never made it to the Tervie since difficult terrain slowed him up; I wanted to Force weapon that big mamma bad. At one point the Termies had pretty much the whole Tau force shooting at them, and they only lost about 3 wounds, not too bad. Thank you Toughness 5!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Typhus WIP

I really dig the current Typhus model, but I saw a few bitz out there that would make for a good conversion, so here mine is. Not too hard to put together; used a Chaos termie Lord body, cut up power axe with a zombie scythe on the end, a Skaven Poisoned Wind Globadier backpack, and a hand and head from the Chaos Warshrine mutant. I may add something to the scythe handle, it's looking a little bare.