Sunday, January 10, 2016

Daemon Prince of Khorne WIP

My girl had a rough night at work last built her a Khornate Daemon Prince to lift her spirits. It's the little things like berserk, daemonic entities from the Warp that count. Somebody's gotta lead her army until we get some Thirsters' for her!

I had this guy in my storage for the longest time. I felt he needed help, as the old model just didn't have the "ooomf" he once had. Now that the new Bloodthirster has been released, his size works great for a Daemon Prince. I added on a little bling to him to spruce him up and switched out his weapons for two Axes of Khorne. Over the top, yes...but isn't that the Blood God's way?

My work here is done.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A New Year!

A new year is here. With that, thousands of hobbyists dust off the armies on the shelf and make resolutions about getting it painted, going to tournaments, building new lists, starting a podcast, etc.

So I will too!

So first off, it's model updates. I needed to get warmed up and chose a lonely metal Plaguebearer to paint. Easy enough, and now he can count as a Herald in my Nurgle army.

I got tired of hearing the incessant chanting coming from my Beasts of Nurgle and started on them next. Got one close to being finished. These are harder to paint IMO. I'm not sure if I'll ever run them on the board but at least it's given me a good go with some paint.

So now some resolutions for this year. Most exciting for me is that my girlfriend wants to start an army! We used to play Warhammer Fantasy all the time back in the day as friends so she's got cred. I love that she has chosen the berserk hordes of Khorne as her force (this is SO her). I have a lot of  Khorne models already so getting her an up and running Daemonkin army shouldn't take too long. Just gotta invest in some Bloodthirsters for that cutie.

To get playing more, I gotta have a table. I was waiting for my landlord to clear some space in a loft here but it never happened so my plan is to build another one for my apartment. I'll keep it to 6X4 so it's easier to manage and store. I  will get on building it this week, as I'm have serious withdrawals from lack of playing on a regular basis. It makes me sad.

 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-19030-1374390208-15_zpstpslykyj.gif

So, work on Nurgle army, help gf build Daemonkin force, build table (and paint my damn terrain finally), updater blog more, and have fun doing it. Here's to a productive 2016!