Monday, January 20, 2014

Plague Zombies!

Got the first of three units of Plague Zombies about done. I'm really glad I switched their skin to a flesh color, since it makes them look more like classic undead. As you can see it was no time to skimp on the Blood for the Blood God paint! Just 70. More. To. Gooooooooo...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Plaguebearers and a test Zombie

Worked on two units of Plaguebearers today. This kit is always fun to build as it goes together easily, has some decent variety, minimum mold lines, and lot of conversion potential. The two icon bearer banners were switched with some old Fantasy ones; I think it'll be more fun to freehand some designs on them than use the stock ones.

I also did a quick conversion for an Instrument of Chaos as well. Pretty basic, but it fits with the Skaven banner above.

After building these I started messing around with a test Zombie figure. I painted about thirty of these before in the standard green color, and honestly I think they'll blend in with the Plaguebearers too much if I ever field them together. I decided to paint them in flesh tones now, as it looks more zombified, plus the gore will show up better on them. I think of Zombies as sort of lesser daemons of Nurgle, so I don't mind that the models are similar.

I did get rid of all the horns and weapons on them and replaced them with Fantasy ghoul and zombie arms and hands. He didn't come out too bad although the next one I'll paint a little lighter flesh color.

Watch GW eventually release a new Zombie kit and then I'll have to start all over!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sorcerer of Nurgle

Another one bites the dust. Another model closer to...who am I kidding? I can't stop buying stuff to paint!

Converted this guy a while back. I initially was going to use him as my counts as Typhus, which would still work I suppose. He was painted like the rest of the Death Guard Marines, just with a helluva lot more washes on him. I used the aptly named Typhus Corruption on the sickle and skaven globadier backpack too (thanks to Tom for the idea).

One thing I tried this time was actually finishing the base. I was holding off doing them all until I had a bigger chunk of the army done, so there would be some consistency. It was pretty basic to do though, and I wrote all of it down for next time. I used Army Painter Battle Highland Tuft tufts for the dead looking grass which is a cinch to add and gives the base some life (or death in this case). I'm going with the yellowish color for them as it adds in a little color but still retains the sickly look of Nurgle.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nurgle Obliterators update

Another unit down! I built the new one with the fly head to replace ol' Mr. Snuffleupagus (who consequently became a Spawn) and I'm happy with the result. He looks more weaponised than the last one and fits the Oblit theme better.

These were built with a mix of Chaos Warshrine, Daemon Prince, Spawn, and metal Obliterator bits. I kept their armor dirty bronze and white to continue the Death Guard theme. Painting them was pretty easy;prime white,  Elysiun Green base, Agrax Earthshade wash, then some highlights. I added some Typhus Corrosion to the guns and some Bloodletter wash to the gun arms to make it look like the skin was breaking apart and infected from switching weapons. A little wash of gloss varnish there makes it look fresh and slimy too.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Beserkers

Almost finished a second squad of Berserkers today, just gotta base em' and do some touch ups. Loving the Blood for the Blood God technical paint, really fun to use!

And that makes 100 posts as well! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Aspiring Champion of Khorne WIP

A quick little kit bash today, as I try to break up the monotony of painting a bunch of Berserkers. Gor legs, Berserker torso, OOP Juggernaut rider plasma arm, WHFB Chaos Champ head and Chaos Possessed backpack and power fist. He was fun to assemble! Still need to stick a hollowed out barrel on the plasma gun and fix up his loin cloth though.

I also finally have a new banner. WOOT. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cheapskate Hounds

Here's some cheap Flesh Hounds I did tonight using ordinary Chaos Hounds. I would have loved to use some Forgeworld  Hounds of Xaphan, but they are a little too much for my wallet, especially since you need so many of them to weather the storm of shells coming their way each game. I just ordered a bunch more biker bases and will be putting together a squad or two of them soon. Really easy to paint, just some red, wash, highlight, blood...done.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Warhammer resolutions

2013 is in the books, so it's time to set some new goals for the upcoming year.

1. Finish painting all of my Chaos stuff - This shouldn't be too hard as most of it is already done. I just keep looking at all those Plague Zombies I built and shuddering though.

2. Build some allied Traitor Guard - With the new codex on the way soon, this will definitely be a fun project to introduce more armor into my life. I have a lot of bitz collected over the years for them just dying to see the light of day.

3. Orks! - With their new Codex incoming I will go back at finishing them as well in the later part of the year. If rumors are true they will get some sweet new kits to play with.

4. Play more. Just do it, dummy.

5. Play Kill Team and come up with a fun campaign system for it. We tried Necromunda this past year and while fun, it could get a little complicated. Kill Team looks much more easy to play.

6. Introduce both Escalation and Stronghold Assault into our games. Both look fun for larger point battles. Converting some for Chaos or Orks could be a fun project.

7. Paint my table and its terrain!

8. Sell off my two Fantasy armies and just go with Daemons as my main force as we don't play as much of it anymore. If 9th Edition does indeed drop this summer, that may change...

9. Go to at least one or more tournaments. It's been a while since I did one, and it's time to get out and about more.

10. Blog more!