Monday, January 21, 2013

Ork Kommandos WIP

Last game I used these guys they got annihilated. Turning up behind your opponent's lines is great, especially with Snikrot with them...UNLESS you come in next to some Tau battlesuits armed with flamers. Not good. The whole unit was burnt to a crisp in one go. I know they are essentially a suicide / distraction unit, but man that was too fast! I will choose my target a bit more wisely next time. They may even just go for a potential Linebreaker role. I added two Skorchas to the unit for frying stuff when they come on. If someone is hugging the back of the board in cover, it could be awesome.

The head bitz from Forgeworld are just too cool. The backpacks are great as well.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some Ork WIP's

Took a break from my Nurgle stuff to work on some Orks. I played a game with the Boyz recently and it got me in the mood to finish up a few models I had laying around for them. I'll always love my greenskins; by far my favorite 40k army.

First up is a Mad Doc conversion. I put him together with a few Nob parts and greenstuffed an apron and mask for him. I haven't used him in a game yet although I probably will sometime as Feel No Pain is too fun to pass up. I still have a big unit of Meganobz he could go with. Have a few conversions to work on for them too, just some minor stuff like extra armor.

Also working on finishing some Stormboyz. Not much converting here as the models are just prima. You're inevitably gonna be taking off these guys as casualties so I'm making a few crash landings. SPLAT!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Epidemius WIP

Eventually I may use ol' Epidemius as an ally to my Death Guard. Could be fun to get the tally rolling...

The giant rat is from Necromunda I think. I used one of the old plaguebearer command models for the big E; just cut off his hand and added a book from the Skaven plague monk sprue.

I'll add some more rotted flesh hanging off the rat next. Maybe stick a Nurgling or two inside it too. Yummy.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

WIP Nurgle Obliterators

No self respecting Chaos player takes the field without his precious Oblits!

These were made from the mutants that carry the Chaos Warshrine, some old Oblit arms I had laying around, and some spawn and Daemon Prince bitz. I still need to gunk up the guns and smooth out some of the green stuff. I still have another one to make as well.

T5 will go a long way in keeping them on the table. I like to use mine as assassins, dropping down in front of a bunch of juicy targets and letting rip with whatever weapon suits best. Then your opponent has to deal with them, taking heat off the rest of your army. Another good tactic is just walking up the field blasting away. Simple and brutal, the Chaos way...