Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WIP Grey Knight Purifiers

Some Purifiers from my GK's. They were made with Dark Angel bodies, flagellant and Empire heads, and topped off with GK arms, weapons, etc.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

WIP Nurgle Ogres

So I have delved back into Fantasy after being away for a while. I played my first game of 8th Edition last weekend with my Chaos Warriors vs. High Elves. I liked it, and have decided to go with Ogres as my next Warhammer project.

The theme for my army will be some Nurgle infected Ogres. I had this great back story about them defeating a Nurgle Warrior army and then eating them to become infected...and then saw the exact description on a Forgeworld model. Back to the drawing board on that..

I don't want any gut plates in the army, each Ogre will have a suitable bloated belly! Sculpting them out of green stuff isn't too hard, and it will add visually to the army. I do want a few busted open of course, what's some Nurgle troops without some exploding guts?

The horn on the first ogre was taken from the Chaos Spawn sprue (which will get a lot of mileage with this army). I scraped away the Ogre's eyes and added a single one to really reinforce the Nurgle theme.

Not too much converting on the second one, just added a big ol' gut.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grey Knight Dreads

The Psyfleman Dread, staple of Grey Knight armies everywhere...including mine. Fluff wise, I love some dreads. I knew I'd have to convert up a few for this army.
I used a Forgeworld psycannon upgrade for one of the arms, the rest is just from the basic Dread and Strike Squad kits and an IG autocannon. Still may add a few more purity seals...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grey Knight HQ

Some Grey Knights I've been working on.
First up is a Grey Knight Librarian. Not too much converting here, just the head, banner, and the upturned hand shooting off some psychic ability. The arm is from the old metal GK terminators
I use the next guy as a Grand Master or a Brother Captain, depending on the size of the game. I loved the metal powerfist bit, which was in one of my bitz boxes forever, so I had to use it. It's a counts as Daemon Hammer for game purposes. The banner is from an old metal Priest model I believe.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Looted Wagon

Ork Looted Wagon. I'm going to have to change it to blue sometime though, as I went with a Deathskull theme after I finished it.
I'm hoping once a new Ork codex is released they have rules for each Clan, would make for some great themed armies.


A Throgg conversion I did a while back using the new plastic troll model plus a metal bit for the head. I've used him in one game so far, love his projectile vomit attack.

I'm starting this Warhammer blog...again. I tried it a few years back and fell off the wagon. My GW addiction has gotten bad as of late, doing both 40K and Fantasy now, so it's time to use this to throw ideas around, showcase models, bitch about getting rolled, etc.
First off, the armies I'm currently working on.
Grey Knights
Chaos Marines (World Eaters)
Warriors of Chaos
soon to start Ogre Kingdoms