Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Daemonette Squad

Got one squad of these honeys done and ready to prime. They are not the most fun to assemble; I am spoiled on putting together bigger models. These ladies desire a fine Slaaneshi of them. I always run them in the full allotment of 20 models as they are very delicate and need the numbers to soak up fire on the way in.

They are lead by an Alluress as a unit champion and a Herald of Slaanesh. Nice little tag team. The ability to take Loci and Psychic Powers are great. If you play against shooty armies (and who doesn't these days?) you better hope for Acquiescence from one or both of these girls. Shutting down Overwatch as much as possible is imperative for T3 troops who need to assault.

I made the Herald using a regular Daemonette body and the large claw arms and head from the Seeker box set. I think it will make her stand out pretty well in the squad .

Herald of Slaanesh


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Daemon Princess of Slaanesh

I'm sure a lot of folks looked at the new Dark Elf kits and thought...Slaanesh conversions. Soon as I saw the Bloodwrack Medusa I knew I had to convert a DP out of one. I luckily found one on it's own on Ebay and snagged it this week.

I had to switch her to be more Slaaneshi, so I added a head and claw from the Daemonette kit. When my wife saw the wooden scroll bit hanging off her spear she thought it was her purse. That bit may have worked it's way onto the model since I was watching Lords of Salem at the time. It'll be fun to add some daemonic looking writing to it. I may add some small chain to the top of it so it blends in with the weapon a little better.

Pretty easy conversion all in all. I'll paint her up in pinks and purples. Game wise they are damn fast but fragile; I'll have to try her out on the table soon.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Plaguebearers and unit filler

Making S L O W progress on my Fantasy Daemon army. I haven't played with square bases in a good while so there isn't too much motivation there. It is a nice change from doing all 40k, which I think is important as it doesn't get you too burned out model wise, so I try to work on them some as much as I can.

Another thing slowing me up may be that 9th Edition is probably coming next year. I'm excited to see what they change with Fantasy. I don't really have anything bad to say about the current edition, all my games with it have been fun. I know having big horde units probably turned a lot of folks off but I dug it; it gives Fantasy that epic battle feel I dig. I'm looking forward to a new Dwarf army too as long as they re-vamp pretty much the entire model line for them. Horrible, horrible core plastics...

I based this unit and finally got the unit filler done. That tentacle maker from Green Stuff Industries comes in handy once again! Poor cow though, it had no idea it would be the host for that Nurgling...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sorcerer of Slaanesh WIP

I wanted to paint something new other than Nurgle and Khorne stuff and remembered I had this guy from way back that I never put together. I added a bit from the Daemonette kit and went to work. It was fun painting purple. I may end up like Marie from Breaking Bad now.

I love the pose of the model and the skin mask. Still have some highlighting and detail work to do on him.

For these pics I finally used a Daylight bulb, much better shots already!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

WIP Death Guard Lord

He's made from an old CSM Lord model, with the arms replaced by a bolter and a Chosen axe. The bloated head is from the old Chaos Sorcerer model. I had that bit laying around forever waiting to use it for my Nurgle forces. Still have his eyes to finish and some spattered gore to add to him.

In other news, I have got to get a better photo taking set-up. I'm off next week (WOOT) so I'll have to go purchase some materials to make a light box. That should help. I also want to finish at least one of the Nurgle Grinders as well. I have a reenactment at the end of the week so I can't lollygag!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Khorne Lord

Let me axe you a question....

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chaos Land Raider 2

About finished with my second Khornate Land Raider. More of the same on this one with the weathering powders, chipping, etc. This one does have some left over salt on the hull from my failed attempt to weather it that way, although it kinda gives it a gnarled look in places so I don't mind it too much. This one has a weapon switch from the lascannons to some autocannons off the Defiler kit.

I worked to improve the small writing on the sides of this one, using both white and black pens to cut down the size; on my other Raider the writing was way off scale. I also tried free handing some symbols here and there as well.

I mixed some white glue with the Secret Weapon powders and it made easy nice mud effects, added some to the tracks to give the weathering some depth.

Not sure what's next, possibly gonna start on my Nurgle Grinders and maybe build some more Slaanesh stuff.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Khornate Land Raider...getting there

WIP of one of my Khorny Land Raiders. These things are actually very fun to paint! With the large areas you can really go to town with weathering, stencils, etc.

This is the first vehicle I used an airbrush on. The clean and even coat for the base color is achieved very easily, and quickly too. It made that part of the job much more fun, which in turn, made me want to finish the piece.

The muddy effect is from Secret Weapon Miniatures weather powders. I can't say enough good things about that stuff; it's great!

Still got a few things to do to her, although at some point I will have to put down the LR, and back away...

Props to Mordian 7th for pics of his latest Land definitely gave me inspiration to get working on mine!