Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sorcerer of Slaanesh WIP

I wanted to paint something new other than Nurgle and Khorne stuff and remembered I had this guy from way back that I never put together. I added a bit from the Daemonette kit and went to work. It was fun painting purple. I may end up like Marie from Breaking Bad now.

I love the pose of the model and the skin mask. Still have some highlighting and detail work to do on him.

For these pics I finally used a Daylight bulb, much better shots already!


Tony said...

Noice!! That face is well creepy!

jugger said...

Yea it is, very Leatherface - esqe. That's why I initially bought that model, very horror movie like.

I didn't think I'd ever play Slaanesh stuff but they are just too good not to in 6th. I had plans to make him a sorcerer of Nurgle but I think the Dark Prince suits him better.