Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chaos Knight plans

The Imperial Knights Renegade box showed up on my doorstep the other day, and it made me all...

Super excited about converting both a Nurgle one for myself, and a Khornate version for my girl. I'm already brainstorming about how to do both. I'll raid the Lord of Skulls kit for the Khorny one. That should be fairly easy; between the big f'ing axe and the head piece, it'll be a good start.

The Nurgle one will probably entail a wild mix of kits. From just browsing through my bitz, I can see adding Maulerfiend, Soul Grinder, Defiler, Glottkin, and various spikes, skulls, bodies, banners, and horns on her. My dremel is drooling at the chance to get a hold of that plastic.

Kinda digging this head for it too.

Then there's the load out on them. Of course, make the Khorne one a h2h monster with a reaper chainsword and thunderstrike gauntlet. Not much in the way of shooting, but that's for pussies anyway, right? Nurgle one I'd love to make a gun platform out of; the thought of two rapid fire battle cannons blasting away is just sick. Expensive, but sick.