Saturday, April 5, 2014

Product Review: Frontline Gaming Urban Combat Mat

So I may do a few reviews of wargame products from time to time. Figured this one would be a good one to start with.

I saw pics and some footage of Frontline Gaming's Gaming Mat a few weeks back, and decided I had to try one out. I heard good things about them from the Las Vegas Open they ran, so I had high expectations for it. I ordered the Urban Combat one as it would fit with my current terrain well and had it within 3-4 days. Very quick shipping which is always nice.

It comes with a small cover so you can transport it easily; a nice touch.

The mat doesn't disappoint! It lays down easily on your table and kinda reminds you of a giant mouse pad with the feel on both sides. It grips the table really well, doesn't move at all once it's in place. I threw some dice down on it and they don't bounce all over the place like on a wooden table...very cool!

This is how my table was painted for my 40k games. Pretty dull once you add on some destroyed buildings.

And this is with the mat. It instantly gives life to the table, even with some unpainted terrain as you'll see.

The detail on this thing is really amazing, very well done! Some detail shots are below. There are roads, building plots, sewer covers, debris, etc. all over it. There are marked off areas for setting up your army as well, another really well thought out touch.

 In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only alcoholism. 

Getting this mat has me wanting to get off my lazy ass and paint my terrain now! The current 40k ruined buildings mesh in really well with the mat. 

The mat seems really durable as well, and it water resistant to boot. No more knocking over your vodka and staining the table! 

Price wise, it's up there, but for what you're getting it's more than fair. This mat brings life to your table, is durable, easy to roll dice on, and comes in a ton of variants for just about any table you want to put together. I think they really knocked it out of the park with these, and am totally happy with the finished product. Well done Frontline!

You can grab your own here.