Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Resolution time!

Time for that tried and true  sorta true tradition, the hobby resolution list for the upcoming year.

I had three resolutions from last year. Get the Chaos Marine / Daemon army done (almost complete, so not bad), build a table with painted terrain (done), and get my girl's Khorne army going (does buying a Bloodthirster count?). All in all, not bad!

So for this year,we'll keep it simple again.

1. Finish up the Nurgle army.
2. Get Mandy on painting and modeling her Daemonkin army.

To finish the Nurgle army, I still have the following to paint:

Great Unclean One
Chaos Knight
2 Chaos Cultists squads
Plague Zombies
Beasts of Nurgle

I'm waiting to see if new Plague Marines or Termies will be released this year; if so, we'll add those to the list too cause I know they're gonna be good. Getting Mandy going with her army won't be too difficult at all as I already have a lot of the stuff, some even painted. Of course, she will add her own touch to them I'm sure. Playing weekly games will become a reality once she is living with me too, so that's awesome to look forward to. I'll also try to get my old gang playing more.

And look at that, progress made already! These Nurglings are a blast to convert and paint up fairly easily. Next up will be the Cultists.