Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nurgle Daemon Fantasy stuff

Took a break from painting to finish up some Nurgle Daemons I had sitting around (or sliming around?)

I plan on selling my Ogres and just going with these guys as my Fantasy army. When Dwarfs come out though, we'll talk.

Battle Standard Bearer. Mix of some old and new.


Ol' Big Head McGee, Herald of Nurgle. I used the decapitated Plaguebearer head from the Grey Knight sprue for him. The scale is crazy off, but hey, its Daemons.

Another Herald. His head comes from the FW Bile Troll kit.

Some musicians


FW Bile Trolls (counts as Beasts of Nurgle) Awesome models!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Great Unclean One

So I built this guy a while back for my Fantasy Nurgle army, but I've never played once with em'. Gotta remedy that soon; Fantasy was what brought me to the game.

I'm sure when GW releases a new version of him it'll be huge. Might make this guy into a daemon prince then. Hopefully the greater daemon kits drop soon, from reading reports of those who saw them, they were SICK.

The cleavers are from FW bile trolls. Horns were made from an ogre standard.

I did play with a GUO in a 40k game once. Holy moly are they hard to kill!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some WIPs

Long time, no update. What's up with that??

I finally picked up an airbrush. Got it used off Craigslist. I've experimented a little with it so far; it's definitely something you need to get the hang of. An old art teacher once told me "you control the paint, don't let the paint control you". With an airbrush, you can do that.

I put a coat or two over my Khornate Land Raiders, now on to some shading, weathering, etc.

I also picked up this guy cheap on EBay, he'll be charging out of those Land Raiders soon...

Last but not least, an Aspiring Champion to lead my Berserkers into combat. Love using Beastmen bits for Khorne conversions!