Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some WIPs

Long time, no update. What's up with that??

I finally picked up an airbrush. Got it used off Craigslist. I've experimented a little with it so far; it's definitely something you need to get the hang of. An old art teacher once told me "you control the paint, don't let the paint control you". With an airbrush, you can do that.

I put a coat or two over my Khornate Land Raiders, now on to some shading, weathering, etc.

I also picked up this guy cheap on EBay, he'll be charging out of those Land Raiders soon...

Last but not least, an Aspiring Champion to lead my Berserkers into combat. Love using Beastmen bits for Khorne conversions!


Mordian7th said...

Awesome work, man! I'm still terrified of making the jump to an airbrush. Loving those dozer blades on the land raiders!

jugger said...

DO IT MAN! I felt the same way, it was a big jump, especially after years and years of brush work. As soon as I started trying it out I was like "why didn't I get one sooner??" You just cannot beat that smooth coating for armor.

I cant wait to undercoat troops with colors of my choosing with it too, gonna be a lot quicker and easier!