Monday, September 23, 2013

Great Unclean One

So I built this guy a while back for my Fantasy Nurgle army, but I've never played once with em'. Gotta remedy that soon; Fantasy was what brought me to the game.

I'm sure when GW releases a new version of him it'll be huge. Might make this guy into a daemon prince then. Hopefully the greater daemon kits drop soon, from reading reports of those who saw them, they were SICK.

The cleavers are from FW bile trolls. Horns were made from an ogre standard.

I did play with a GUO in a 40k game once. Holy moly are they hard to kill!


a Sent One said...

I really like that model. Kudos.

jugger said...

Thanks! Gotta get on painting that army before Dwarfs come out.