Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nurgle Maulerfiend

Almost done with her...

I took out the eyelets to make it look not so "death chicken" and added on some tentacles busting forth from its armor. Also added some sand and greenstuff rot to it as well. I opted not to go with the huge tentacles and just added on the smaller magma cutters to the sides; I felt like they took away attention from the rest of the model and really wanted the head and body to stand out.

I used a heat gun to melt down the Nurgle icon to the top of it to fit the contour of the shell.

This will be fun to paint!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Orks

Worked on some more Greenskins the other day. I'm switching over a bunch of old Slugga Boyz to Shootas (cause dakka is king now ya know?) and needed some big shootas in the unit. I love these guys, they always seem to be in range and have some kick to them for sure.

I had some kneeling Kromlech Ork legs and thought they'd look good for some of em'.

I also finished up some extra Stormboyz. I took the unit up to 20 models since I'm gonna lose a bunch from deep striking and rokkit pack mishaps. I bought some bodies on Ebay and scratch built a few packs for them out of spare parts. Still looking to either convert up or buy a cheap Zagstruk model for them too.