Friday, April 8, 2016


So just a small update. I'm not dead. Or lost in the Warp. Or out of the hobby.

I am, however, nearing the end of the "season". Any by that I mean reenacting season for WWII. Things slow down in the hobby during the summer, for most units, so I'll be jumping back into things soon.

I was waiting on the rumored Adeptus Mechanicus codex to drop, but that's hasn't happened yet. Now Black Legion and Thousand Sons are getting some love, but I'm still over here waiting on Papa Nurgle to bless us all with something good. I did see some new Daemon formations that looked fun.

So I will continue to slug it out with the GIs and Russians, and be back soon!

Can't blame me, who wouldn't want to get to ride in one of these?

Also got a new toy. Her name is Sasha and she loves to go through blanks!