Friday, February 6, 2015

Adeptus Mechanicus

I keep hearing rumor of Adeptus Mechanicus coming down the pipe, either more from Forgeworld (which are gorgeous btw) or as a new army from from GW. Either way, it'd be great to see. Once I read Mechanicum by Graham McNeill I was instantly fascinated by this whole new world in the 40k universe. There's a good amount of bitz out there to convert up some Enginseers, Skitarii, and Servitors; the sky is the limit! I guess we'll see.

I pulled this old Defiler out of mothballs when I was assembling stuff to sell, and wondered if I could switch it over to a Mechanicus theme instead of Chaos. I can't really use it now as Defilers got a lot bigger. I built this before they had a proper model.

I hope they improve Defilers somehow. Soulgrinders are so much better!

In other news, very excited to hear about Khorne model updates incoming. New Berserkers and Juggernaut riders?? Yes please. This brings me to my feelings on the current releases of Necrons and Harlequins we have to suffer through before they are released...

 photo a70_zpsb106fa7b.gif