Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

I'm plugging away at painting 70+ Plaguebearers at the moment, and it's going slow and steady. After I basecoated and then washed them yesterday, it occurred to me that I needed a Daemon Prince for my Fantasy army. I can't always roll with the big man every game, so I went searching through my bitz to kit bash a Prince of Filth to lead them.

I'm a big believer in rewards in hobbying. Painting is never my thang, but I set the reward for getting a bunch of them done, and it motivated me to finish the Plaguebearers (well, at least the first stage of them), and then get to my favorite thing in the hobby: converting.

So I went tearing through my bitz and came up with this guy. The body is a Forgeworld bile troll. One arm and the axes are from the minotaur kit. The head is leftover from a giant I put together years ago and the wings are from the plague drone kit.

If Fantasy sorta peters out, he's going on a round base. I love the story of Ignatius Grulgor from the Horus Heresy books; this could be him once he reappeared in the Medusa Campaign as a Daemon Prince. That expression on him just looks so pissed off and tormented, perfect for a prick like Ignatius!

Monday, May 11, 2015

It's's badder...

...It's finally ready! (Yes, I love The Incredibles still).

Time to prime!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Great Unclean One WIP

The GUO is coming along!

I had initially wanted to do a big weapon in his left hand, but instead went with just the hooked claw. I'm pretty sure the official one coming down the pipe from G Dub will be armed, so I held off on it. Also, giant weapons can be tough to pull off well, IMO. There are good ones, and then ones that look too over the top and silly.

I added a few Nurglings so far, with more on the way. The base will have a bunch on it as well. I had an idea to just completely fill the base with em', but figured it would make the model too busy, so pulled back on that. I want the focal point to be the daemon.

I turned the lower jaw upwards just a bit to make the face more menacing.

This kit is a joy to work with; so much fun! Next up will be plugging some of the holes with tentacles using Green Stuff Industries tentacle maker, finishing the base, and making a Fantasy base for him as I used a magnet to attach him to this one.