Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

I'm plugging away at painting 70+ Plaguebearers at the moment, and it's going slow and steady. After I basecoated and then washed them yesterday, it occurred to me that I needed a Daemon Prince for my Fantasy army. I can't always roll with the big man every game, so I went searching through my bitz to kit bash a Prince of Filth to lead them.

I'm a big believer in rewards in hobbying. Painting is never my thang, but I set the reward for getting a bunch of them done, and it motivated me to finish the Plaguebearers (well, at least the first stage of them), and then get to my favorite thing in the hobby: converting.

So I went tearing through my bitz and came up with this guy. The body is a Forgeworld bile troll. One arm and the axes are from the minotaur kit. The head is leftover from a giant I put together years ago and the wings are from the plague drone kit.

If Fantasy sorta peters out, he's going on a round base. I love the story of Ignatius Grulgor from the Horus Heresy books; this could be him once he reappeared in the Medusa Campaign as a Daemon Prince. That expression on him just looks so pissed off and tormented, perfect for a prick like Ignatius!


Green Stuff Industries said...

Love that kitbash, Jugger! Keep up the good work!

JimmyGrill said...

I like almost all of this conversion... amost :P

The Giant heads (same goes for Ogre haeds, too) are a difficult case for me, though. I have seen them in many conversions, and have tried to use them myself on numerous occasions as well. However, whatever you do with it, somehow it feels it still looks too much like a Giant (or Ogre). So, personally I'm not 100% convinced.

But that's just me :D

Greg Hess said...

Great kit bash. I agree a bit with Jimmy on the head, but the paintjob can easily fix that effect!

jugger said...

Thanks guys! I'm gonna try to make the giant head work. I had originally planned on using one of the fly heads from the plague drone kit, but I had done that before on another DP, so I wanted to try something new. I do think once it's painted it should meld in better with the body, and become just a big bloated head for this fella. I need to pick a good color for it to make it gel.

Charlie Moor said...

the head is very unappealing and although the wierd and varied has always represented nurgle, i think the ogre head is a pinch too far. Sorry he looks like shrek on roids, with a pair of wings! everything else looks superb though, the body and wings are tremendous!! chane the head and you have a winner!