Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Nurgle Daemons

Progress on some of my Fantasy army this week. It's been fun working on it, not to mention a nice break from round bases.

This is the second Beasts of Nurgle unit. More of the same with some slight conversions to separate it from the other unit. Had to use some river troll and spawn arms as I'd used the weapon arms on my Great Unclean One already.

Next up is Nurgle's favorite Tallyman, Epidemius. He's made from an old metal Plaguebearer command model and rides a Necromunda giant ray thingy as a counts as palanquin. I've always loved that model and had to find a way to use it. I added a big, over the top gut to him to really up the gross level.

I made this Herald of Nurgle Standard Bearer using another old metal Plaguebearer. The head comes from the Grey Knight kit (it's skewered by a power sword) and I had to add half of the face back to him.

Lastly is a unit filler for one of my Plaguebearer units I cleaned up with some green stuff. Those little nurglings end up in the darnedest places!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Khorne Champion

Khorne has gifted this fellow with bestial legs to allow him to get in combat quicker, and thus spill blood faster for him. It won't be his last mutation, as his mind turns into a jellied mess of firing synapses, eventually telling him one thing, and one thing only.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beasts of Nurgle

My WHFB army sits on a table behind my work desk. Daemons of Chaos, mono-god Nurgle. I built it a while back and it's pretty much done, except for a counts as Flesh Hound unit I want to do to tie them in with the Nurgly theme. I keep thinking more and more of finishing it to finally have a fully completed Fantasy army again. It might just happen as I really enjoyed painting that last batch of Plaguebearers. Who knows what's gonna happen with Fantasy this year. As I've written before, I really enjoyed the few games of 8th Edition I played and don't want to ditch my stuff; Fantasy is what brought me to the game after all.

I got an itch to finish the counts as Beasts of Nurgle unit tonight and it was a blast! I had to go through a ton of old Spawn bits to get them to fit right in the movement trays (which was a bitch!). Forgeworld really knocked it out of the park with these guys. I think they're gonna be really fun to paint!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More WIP Plaugebearers

Feel the Nurgle love!

Got a few more done; the unit is almost complete. I'm going to add a Nurgly symbol to the Icon Bearer and clean up a few areas on them with some highlighting and washes. I started using some purple wash on these and it shades the guts nicely. 

I'm seriously contemplating doing a big ol' conversion of a Great Unclean One next. My luck is as soon as I do it, they'll announce new Greater Daemons are being released, not unlike the Plague Zombie kit which is coming soon. We shall see.

Herald of Nurgle

Icon Bearer

Monday, February 3, 2014

WIP Plaguebearers

I've been busy as of late but got a little time to do some test Plaguebearers over the weekend. I was at a WWII reenactment late last week but got home pretty early on Sunday, so I had a little time to work on these.

The bases are definitely not done, and I still have some highlighting to do on the minis as well.

I based them white, then put a coat of Ogryn Camo followed by a good wash of Sewer Water. Then some highlights of lighter green and they're about done. I used some Typhus Corruption and Ryza Rust on the blades as well.