Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More WIP Plaugebearers

Feel the Nurgle love!

Got a few more done; the unit is almost complete. I'm going to add a Nurgly symbol to the Icon Bearer and clean up a few areas on them with some highlighting and washes. I started using some purple wash on these and it shades the guts nicely. 

I'm seriously contemplating doing a big ol' conversion of a Great Unclean One next. My luck is as soon as I do it, they'll announce new Greater Daemons are being released, not unlike the Plague Zombie kit which is coming soon. We shall see.

Herald of Nurgle

Icon Bearer


Green Stuff Industries said...

Plague Bearers are so much fun to paint! Great job on those guys, Jugger!

jugger said...

Thanks my man, totally agree! It's a great kit in all aspects.

Mordian7th said...

Loving that herald - that unit is gonna look sick!

...Pun intended. Hah!

jugger said...

Thanks Mord!