Monday, February 3, 2014

WIP Plaguebearers

I've been busy as of late but got a little time to do some test Plaguebearers over the weekend. I was at a WWII reenactment late last week but got home pretty early on Sunday, so I had a little time to work on these.

The bases are definitely not done, and I still have some highlighting to do on the minis as well.

I based them white, then put a coat of Ogryn Camo followed by a good wash of Sewer Water. Then some highlights of lighter green and they're about done. I used some Typhus Corruption and Ryza Rust on the blades as well.


Green Stuff Industries said...

Those guys look properly disgusting! I have a set at about the same completion level that I never finished. I'll have to get back to them now, I suppose. Thanks for the inspiration, Jugger!

Mordian7th said...

I dig it, the corrupted flesh around the wounds looks particularly nice (or should I say gross). Great work, man!

Drkmorals said...

Very nice I look forward to seeing the final product. I have a few of these and have been debating a paint scheme.

jugger said...

Thanks fellas! Give your PB's some love!