Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beasts of Nurgle

My WHFB army sits on a table behind my work desk. Daemons of Chaos, mono-god Nurgle. I built it a while back and it's pretty much done, except for a counts as Flesh Hound unit I want to do to tie them in with the Nurgly theme. I keep thinking more and more of finishing it to finally have a fully completed Fantasy army again. It might just happen as I really enjoyed painting that last batch of Plaguebearers. Who knows what's gonna happen with Fantasy this year. As I've written before, I really enjoyed the few games of 8th Edition I played and don't want to ditch my stuff; Fantasy is what brought me to the game after all.

I got an itch to finish the counts as Beasts of Nurgle unit tonight and it was a blast! I had to go through a ton of old Spawn bits to get them to fit right in the movement trays (which was a bitch!). Forgeworld really knocked it out of the park with these guys. I think they're gonna be really fun to paint!