Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Daemonette Squad

Got one squad of these honeys done and ready to prime. They are not the most fun to assemble; I am spoiled on putting together bigger models. These ladies desire a fine touch...how Slaaneshi of them. I always run them in the full allotment of 20 models as they are very delicate and need the numbers to soak up fire on the way in.

They are lead by an Alluress as a unit champion and a Herald of Slaanesh. Nice little tag team. The ability to take Loci and Psychic Powers are great. If you play against shooty armies (and who doesn't these days?) you better hope for Acquiescence from one or both of these girls. Shutting down Overwatch as much as possible is imperative for T3 troops who need to assault.

I made the Herald using a regular Daemonette body and the large claw arms and head from the Seeker box set. I think it will make her stand out pretty well in the squad .

Herald of Slaanesh


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