Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chaos Land Raider 2

About finished with my second Khornate Land Raider. More of the same on this one with the weathering powders, chipping, etc. This one does have some left over salt on the hull from my failed attempt to weather it that way, although it kinda gives it a gnarled look in places so I don't mind it too much. This one has a weapon switch from the lascannons to some autocannons off the Defiler kit.

I worked to improve the small writing on the sides of this one, using both white and black pens to cut down the size; on my other Raider the writing was way off scale. I also tried free handing some symbols here and there as well.

I mixed some white glue with the Secret Weapon powders and it made easy nice mud effects, added some to the tracks to give the weathering some depth.

Not sure what's next, possibly gonna start on my Nurgle Grinders and maybe build some more Slaanesh stuff.


Mordian7th said...

Nice! I dig how the autocannon sponsons turned out - definitely looks mean!

jugger said...

Thanks my man!