Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Khornate Land Raider...getting there

WIP of one of my Khorny Land Raiders. These things are actually very fun to paint! With the large areas you can really go to town with weathering, stencils, etc.

This is the first vehicle I used an airbrush on. The clean and even coat for the base color is achieved very easily, and quickly too. It made that part of the job much more fun, which in turn, made me want to finish the piece.

The muddy effect is from Secret Weapon Miniatures weather powders. I can't say enough good things about that stuff; it's great!

Still got a few things to do to her, although at some point I will have to put down the LR, and back away...

Props to Mordian 7th for pics of his latest Land Raider...it definitely gave me inspiration to get working on mine!


Mordian7th said...

Nice! That is one brutal looking tank, absolutely love the dozer blades and the weathering looks great. I really need to try out the powders - it's just a great effect.

Keep up the awesome work, man!

TJ Atwell said...

That is brutally awesome!

jugger said...

Thanks fellas!

I am absolutely in love with the weathering powders. So easy to use and it makes a great effect.

One thing I did was cover up the small writing I tried on the sides of the tank. I got a new paint pen with a really small tip that will do much better for that.

Soon on to the second one!