Saturday, October 19, 2013

Daemon Princess of Slaanesh

I'm sure a lot of folks looked at the new Dark Elf kits and thought...Slaanesh conversions. Soon as I saw the Bloodwrack Medusa I knew I had to convert a DP out of one. I luckily found one on it's own on Ebay and snagged it this week.

I had to switch her to be more Slaaneshi, so I added a head and claw from the Daemonette kit. When my wife saw the wooden scroll bit hanging off her spear she thought it was her purse. That bit may have worked it's way onto the model since I was watching Lords of Salem at the time. It'll be fun to add some daemonic looking writing to it. I may add some small chain to the top of it so it blends in with the weapon a little better.

Pretty easy conversion all in all. I'll paint her up in pinks and purples. Game wise they are damn fast but fragile; I'll have to try her out on the table soon.


TJ Atwell said...

I love this conversion and that model!

a Sent One said...

That is pretty cool. Nicely done.

Mordian7th said...

Daaaaang! That is freakin' sweet, man - Love the composition and use of bits, awesome stuff!

jugger said...

Thanks guys!