Thursday, January 12, 2012

WIP Nurgle Ogres

So I have delved back into Fantasy after being away for a while. I played my first game of 8th Edition last weekend with my Chaos Warriors vs. High Elves. I liked it, and have decided to go with Ogres as my next Warhammer project.

The theme for my army will be some Nurgle infected Ogres. I had this great back story about them defeating a Nurgle Warrior army and then eating them to become infected...and then saw the exact description on a Forgeworld model. Back to the drawing board on that..

I don't want any gut plates in the army, each Ogre will have a suitable bloated belly! Sculpting them out of green stuff isn't too hard, and it will add visually to the army. I do want a few busted open of course, what's some Nurgle troops without some exploding guts?

The horn on the first ogre was taken from the Chaos Spawn sprue (which will get a lot of mileage with this army). I scraped away the Ogre's eyes and added a single one to really reinforce the Nurgle theme.

Not too much converting on the second one, just added a big ol' gut.


Warhammer In Progress said...

Looks like they are shaping up quite nicely! looking forward to seeing more of them. Nurgle is one of my favorite themes for any army.

jugger said...

Thanks! I may actually just do guts on them all and ditch the Nurgle theme...not feeling it right now. I feel like it would be too much going on for each model 9mutations, gut, etc.) I converted up a unit of ogres with the guts only over the weekend and they came out pretty good, get pics up soon.