Saturday, January 18, 2014

Plaguebearers and a test Zombie

Worked on two units of Plaguebearers today. This kit is always fun to build as it goes together easily, has some decent variety, minimum mold lines, and lot of conversion potential. The two icon bearer banners were switched with some old Fantasy ones; I think it'll be more fun to freehand some designs on them than use the stock ones.

I also did a quick conversion for an Instrument of Chaos as well. Pretty basic, but it fits with the Skaven banner above.

After building these I started messing around with a test Zombie figure. I painted about thirty of these before in the standard green color, and honestly I think they'll blend in with the Plaguebearers too much if I ever field them together. I decided to paint them in flesh tones now, as it looks more zombified, plus the gore will show up better on them. I think of Zombies as sort of lesser daemons of Nurgle, so I don't mind that the models are similar.

I did get rid of all the horns and weapons on them and replaced them with Fantasy ghoul and zombie arms and hands. He didn't come out too bad although the next one I'll paint a little lighter flesh color.

Watch GW eventually release a new Zombie kit and then I'll have to start all over!


Tony said...

These are looking tight, dude.

Nice simple but effective conversions!

Drkmorals said...

The colors work out great on that guy! I look forward to seeing a squad...errr.. horde of these posted.

jugger said...

Thanks guys! Did some more zombies today, a little lighter wash on them did the trick.