Monday, January 13, 2014

Sorcerer of Nurgle

Another one bites the dust. Another model closer to...who am I kidding? I can't stop buying stuff to paint!

Converted this guy a while back. I initially was going to use him as my counts as Typhus, which would still work I suppose. He was painted like the rest of the Death Guard Marines, just with a helluva lot more washes on him. I used the aptly named Typhus Corruption on the sickle and skaven globadier backpack too (thanks to Tom for the idea).

One thing I tried this time was actually finishing the base. I was holding off doing them all until I had a bigger chunk of the army done, so there would be some consistency. It was pretty basic to do though, and I wrote all of it down for next time. I used Army Painter Battle Highland Tuft tufts for the dead looking grass which is a cinch to add and gives the base some life (or death in this case). I'm going with the yellowish color for them as it adds in a little color but still retains the sickly look of Nurgle.


Tony said...

That face is quality!

Green Stuff Industries said...

Your army is top notch! Give us an "all together" shot sometime. I'd love to see the whole lot at one time. Great work on this guy!

jugger said...

Thanks guys! I do plan on a big army shot soon as I get some more bases done. This one kinda came up by accident, so now I wanna base more stuff quicker.