Sunday, April 21, 2013


This blog needs some color! (said in Joker 89' voice)

Some WIP's of  the Plague Zombies. Tried to stick to a basic and easy paint scheme since I have about 100 of them to do! I did a few with a more fleshy color, but eventually settled on good old rotted lookin' green.

1. Prime white
2. Skin is Elysian Green
3. Guts and sores is old GW Red Gore
4. Wash sagaciously with Agrax Earthshade
5. Add a little more Elysian Green to the low areas
6. Highlight with Ogryn Camo
7. Pick out edges with some Pallid Witch Flesh
8. Add some gloss varnish to the open guts

I used some toothbrush splatter on a few of them. They still need a few more layers of gloss added to the guts plus the bases done.

Some closeups...


Tony said...

These look great - the teeth contrast really well with the gnarly green flesh!

jugger said...

Thanks dude, Nurgle has a great dental plan apparently!