Thursday, May 19, 2016

Workin' on terrain...finally

I am completely uninspired to work on anything army-wise as of late. I have a few half done models here and there, a greater daemon to work on, and some old models to sell. Don't want to do any of it. Instead, it is time to prime!

I've had this terrain built for years. It's time to get these painted up so we'll have a more dynamic battlefield to play on. These kits were so much fun to work on, just a million ways to put them together. I've always preferred a destroyed Imperial city to fight on, going back to old White Dwarf magazines with great cityfight articles and pictures.

The terrain can be punishing for my usual play style of hand to hand, as there are a ton of walkways and fire lanes for shooters here. Some good cover at least; I also have a bunch of craters built which will help. Oh well, like Bob Morton in the big city.

Here's a few examples. I can pretty much fill up a board with these, so it's time to get busy. I envision just some primer, basecoat, wash, and highlight for these. I'll add static grass growing up out of them to add to their dilapidated state. Maybe print up some propaganda posters to add here and there as well.

 End of the line for Mr. Berserker.

 These columns are cake decorations; they work great for some Imperial statues!

 I think the Orks got to this one.


Mordian7th said...

Very cool! Really dig the terrain builds!

Stuart Bannister said...

12% of all cake decoration pillars are from the wargaming community. Nice dioramas within your scenery, looking forward to seeing it painted..

jugger said...

Thanks fellas! Got a few primed and I've been watching some painting tutorials for the GW buildings for inspiration. Looking forward to having a fully painted board!