Saturday, May 28, 2016

Khorne Daemon Prince 2.0

Getting a lot done! I've primed my girl's first Daemon Prince I built from the old Bloodthirster model and a few more buildings as well. I was assembling a sale pile, and had this old metal DP in there, but thought I'd show it to her to see if she wanted it as a second Prince for her army. She loved it, so, I had to Khorne it up for her. Not much really, just did a weapon swap with the big axe and then added the vulture perched on him (she loves some birds).

I may add some chain or barbed wire to his wrist to cover up the sawing I had to do to get the axe angle right. Makes you appreciate converting with plastic!

Also swapped the head out on this Berserker Champion model; looks more Khorny now.


The Mad Mek said...

Nice conversions. Phoebe will be pleased!

The Mad Mek said...

Auto-correcrt fail! Khorne into Phoebe? WTH?

jugger said...

I would spill blood for Phoebe Cates.