Friday, May 25, 2012

Decay is coming

So my Ogres are getting painted, and it looks like I should get finished with them around the time of the release of the new Chaos Codex. I have always dug the forces of Chaos, Khorne and Nurgle being my favorites. I took a Nurgle CSM army to my first GT, and then a Nurgle Lost and the Damned force (man, I miss that list!) to my last one. It is time to re-visit my ol' friend Papa Nurgle once again!

My plan is to assemble a more Lost and the Damned looking army than a traditional Marine one. If what we're hearing about possible Cult Troops is true, I'll get to convert up some zombies, which for a horror fan like myself, is a very fun prospect! I'm looking at some other companies undead models now for ideas as the old GW zombies are getting a little long in the tooth for me. I was really disappointed when they didn't get an updated model when the VC got released a few months back. The scale of them is just so off from the smaller stuff that's out now. I do have plenty of ghoul bitz and plan on using those to make some nasty conversions.

I've been planning this for a while, and have been buying bitz and Chaos stuff cheap the last year or so. The last codex was not that to nice to CSM players, and people dumped a lot of their stuff after its release. I knew eventually they'd get a better deal, so I'm glad I hung on to a few good bitz and models from the last go-round. I have a certain Chaos Sorcerer who is about to make his triumphant return...

In honor of this new army, here's some appropriate metal to get me in the mood!

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