Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some WIP Ork additions

So now we hear that there is a slight delay for the new Chaos Marine codex. I was expecting it to drop next month, but it looks to be pushed up some.

Disappointing yea, but I do have more than enough to tide me over until then. One army I was working to get finished a while back was my Orks. Trying out my first game of 6th Edition with them got me excited to return to my roots, so I have decided to attempt to finish them before moving on to another army.

I decided I needed more shoota boyz, cause who doesn't love pumping out 60 shots / Overwatch a turn? I had some spare greenskins laying around and quickly got a squad of 30 together. I needed a Nob to lead them and came up with a quick Power Claw armed headbasha for the unit. I used the AOBR Warboss claw attached to a plastic Ork Nob from the same set. I like the pose; it seems like he's pointing at enemies for his squad to target.

Rounding out the new squad was 'Da Vetrun". I envision him as an older Ork who's been with the army for some time, eventually shrinking down in size as old age hits. He looks pretty grizzled for sure. I still need to add some bitz to his staff to cover up the green stuff. I'll use some chain for that.

Next project...a Dakkajet!


Mordian7th said...

Looking good! I really enjoyed the building and painting the Dakkajet kit, can't wait to see what you do with yours!

jugger said...

Thanks brotha. I am ready to use one of those things ASAP! I may go with two in my list. Calling a WAGGGH and getting twice the shots with two would be absolutely sick. Hopefully they'd live long enough!