Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nurgle Guard

I'm planning on taking some Imperial Guard allies for my Death Guard, so I needed to come up with some Nurgly IG conversions. I had these old flagellants laying around so I went to work on them with some greenstuff to make them a bit more sinister looking. I can't wait to Nurgle up a Leman Russ or two!

I'll paint these up in some nasty greens and browns and mix them in with some assorted Lost and the Damned looking minis for a real rag tag look.

The first one is a propaganda / psych warfare specialist. I can't imagine anything more unnerving than a gurgling barrage of chanting from the enemy before a battle.

Second guy is a flamer, may have to convert up some more of those to take on hordes.

Third one is just your basic zealot who they didn't even equip with a ranged weapon. Oh well, the world needs fodder too....

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