Friday, June 7, 2013

My Love for You is Like a Truck! Berserker!

Trying out some Berserker paint schemes today. I had put them on the shelf as unusable in this edition, that is, until I tried them with Land Raiders. They work great as long as they get to go where they want...most of the time. They did very well in a recent game so I'm wanting to get them done finally, had them for years.

They're made with the regular Berserker torsos and Beastmen legs. They also would work as great Possessed Marines if I ever want to give them a go. I'll post more as I get them done. I'm hoping to finish up a squad of ten before moving on to some more Nurgle stuff.

It was nice not painting something all rotted for a change too!


Tony said...

Looking good, the shade of red is really striking. This is a great conversion idea, too.

Anonymous said...

...more Gold!

jugger said...

Thanks T!

Rich - I'm actually going to the store today to get a good highlight gold, my old pot of it dried up!