Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nurgle Soul Grinder 2

Got another Soul Grinder about finished. All that's left on this one is some dremeling and some textured paint on the armor.

I had fun building this one, until I got to the head. I had gotten a Chaos Slaughterbrute head bit for it, but the dang thing was just way too big for the rest of the model. I wanted the two Grinders to be distinct so I rummaged through the ol' bitz boxes until I found the skull from an Ogre Kingdom banner. I had wanted to use that bit for a while so I sliced it up, took off half the face of the Grinder, and with some green stuff, got it to fit in place. I like how it came out, pretty creepy. The horns are from the Stegadon kit...I think.

The tentacles and guts were made with Green Stuff Industries tentacle maker. Everyone ought to have that thing, comes in real handy.

I added the second set of arms from the aforementioned Slaughterbrute kit. The right arm is from there as well. I was afraid of having too much going on with the model, but I think they work pretty good.


Tony said...

Man, this bad boy looks gnarly! Look forward to seeing the finished job!!

jugger said...

Thanks! Gonna get started on it soon.