Sunday, August 2, 2015

So long square bases

Yea, gonna go all Shane and say enough. It's time to move on, at least for now, from Fantasy / AOS. I think the main thing for me is that if I wanted to play a skirmish style game, I'd play 40k. Fantasy was always about big, ranked up units for me, and I believe a little of the magic from that is lost with the way it's played now. My game group hasn't played Fantasy in years either, which makes the decision easier too. Not saying in the future I won't give it a try (although the whole rules base seems very odd), but for now I'll concentrate on finishing up my Nurgle and Khorne forces for 40k.

So first off its scrap the square and switch to the round. I'm lucky that my Nurgle Daemon stuff can be played in both systems in case I do want to give AOS a go one day.

I based about 30 Plaguebeaers on round bases today and now how a suitable force of them should I have to summon a bunch. I already had about 20 with Heralds from before so I'm good in the PB department.

I also played around with some Nurgling bases, which were a lot of fun!


Tony said...

Oh nice! These wee nurgling bases are awesome, dude!

Greg Hess said...

Loving that nurgling handing from the post. That is brilliant!

Mordian7th said...

Lovely work, those nurgling bases are fan-freaking-tastic, man!

jugger said...

Thanks guys, they are super fun to make! I have more on the way.