Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Champion of Nurgle

After seeing the great work Adam Wier did on his Death Guard Terminator conversion over at Between the Bolter and Me, I was inspired to work on a Nurgle Champion from the Glottkin kit I still had leftover on the sprue. I figured he'd make a good base for a massive Nurgle dude.

The body translates to 40k fairly well, at least for a follower of Nurgle. The head is from the Chaos Warshrine kit, axe from the Maggoth Lord, and power fist from...I have no idea anymore.

This guy is either pointing up toward something he wants dead, or belting out a song of Nurgly praise, much like Dynamo from Running Man.

Also got some more Nurgling bases done!


Greg Hess said...

Have you thought about adding a second head? For some reason this pose and character you've made reminds me a bit of the two headed ogre's in warcraft!

Dai said...

Dynamo from Running Man indeed! Good comparison.

I like him as is - very nice kitbash.

Tony said...

That face!

Green Stuff Industries said...

Awesome! Well done!

Adam Wier said...

Great looking conversion! I love the choice of head for the model; it fits perfectly with the style and character of the model (I must admit I never looked too closely at the Warshrine kit). I like inclusion of the Chaos powerfist too. He really reminds me of some corrupt tyrant of some isolated Imperial world (croaking out his orders and demands of an enslaved population).

Keep up the great work!

jugger said...

Thanks fellas, glad y'all like him!