Monday, October 5, 2015

Plaguebearer progress

It was time to stop buildin', and start paintin', so I grabbed all my Plaguebeaers that had previously been built for my Fantasy army, and got to work over a rainy weekend.

These guys are really easy to paint up, and a lot of fun too; especially once you get into painting the rotten parts like the sores and guts. GW washes really go a long way here.

I added the usual gloss varnish to the sticky parts and will probably add a few more layers once they're dry. The weapons were just some Typhus Corrosion followed by a drybrush of orange to make them look rusted up.

The older metal models will be used as Plagueridden, Icon, or Instrument bearers. Still have some details to paint up on them and to finish the bases, but almost done!


Greg Hess said...

Looking good Jugger! Very nurgly and boily? Icky?

jugger said...

Close enough! Thanks!