Friday, November 22, 2013

WIP Nurgle Soul Grinder

So I am LOVING these new GW technical paints. If you are a Nurgle guy or girl, these are made for you!

I built this thing a while back and it's been staring at me for a while from the shelf, begging to be painted. I'm glad I waited; I picked up some Typhus Corruption, Ryza Rust and Blood for the Blood God the other night and started experimenting with them. I kept the Death Guard theme going using most of the same colors for him.

The Typhus Corruption was a very easy wash to use, just hit up most of the metal leg parts with it, then followed it with a dry brush of Rza Rust. It makes for a nasty combo, covering much of the metal parts with a textured, brownish, coat of filth and then a tinge of rust setting in. Afterwards I went in and added some metal edges to it with Leadbelcher.

The Blood God paint is really fun to use in a splattering effect, like with an old toothbrush. I plan to hit up more of the power claw and legs with that. I'll also use some Secret Weapon weathering powders on her when finished, mostly at the bottom to simulate dried mud. I picked up some Tamiya weathering powders recently and may give those a go to really build up the rust in some areas as well.

Very impressed with these paints. I actually enjoyed painting for a change, something that has given me some trepidation in the past. I'm excited about getting on to the second one now!


Mordian7th said...

That looks fantastic! Really like how the new technical paints look, and I'm hearing nothing but good things about 'em. Awesome work, man!

Green Stuff Industries said...

Great work, Jugger!

Tony said...

Looking schweet!!

Reckon I will pick up some of those new paints in Crpydon later on...

jugger said...

Thanks guys! These new paints are the bomb. I'm about to try some of them on a unit of Plaguebearers, see how they do.