Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Painting disasters (and some chicks)

What an awful night of painting I had yesterday.

I got the itch to paint that Hellbrute I posted the other day, and got to it after dinner. I went through my usual "man, this is looking rough" before applying the wash feeling  but something wasn't right. I could feel it as I brushed over the model, something like "uh oh, this isn't working".

We all have bad painting days. Days where the magic just isn't there. No desire, hand eye coordination just isn't clicking, whatever it is. This was one of those days.

I pressed on, "some Agrax Earthshade will fix her right up". How wrong I was. Even as I slopped on the wash to try to cover up the awful paint job and color selection, I knew...my heart was just not into this model. And if the heart isn't there, I'm not that advanced a painter to carry me through to completion. When I was done I put it down and walked away, hoping...wishing, that the wash would transform it into a good looking model. I was delusional, and this was confirmed in the morning. Before work I peeked into my war room and saw the results. Bad. Just...bad. I'm not even gonna post it here it's so bad. Funny thing is, it bummed me out all day!

I wonder if any of you have those moments as you paint an army up? How do you deal with it?

Only one thing would help me get over it. Build some new models (which will always be my favorite part of this hobby). I needed to get some Slaaneshi Heralds done up and built two. I placed them on some rubble to make them stand out from the other Daemonettes. The arms are from the Seeker kit, which will make them stand out even more in a big, complicated h2h.

These ladies helped me get over this traumatic painting session, and I want to thank them!


Mordian7th said...

I hear ya, man - sometimes the painting session just doesn't go to plan, and the colors just don't work or the application is wonky or something. Sometimes all you can do is set it aside and come back to it later (or put it in the paint stripper). Looking forward to seeing more Slaaneshi goodness though!

jugger said...

We just gotta forge ahead when it happens man! I put that model in the closet to attack on a later date. I hope you got your tank fixed from the sealer issue bro!

I'm intimidated painting those ladies as it will be all pinks and purples, and I don't have much experience using those colors. I did like how my Slaanesh sorcerer came out, so I have some faith.