Tuesday, May 6, 2014


No, I am not dead. Just extremely busy lately. I can't lose my nerd cred, yo!

Some day I'd like to start a "good guy" army and actually do Space Marines. Back in the day I absolutely loathed Marines. They were everywhere, and they stomped about any army that came up against them easily. I remember going to an old Baltimore GT, and those guys were just everywhere. I think it's what pushed me to love Chaos Marines so much. I wanted to have an army that could stand their ground against them and pound them into the dirt!

Eventually, I came around though.

Now I love the fluff of the Imperial Fists and one day I want to start an army of them. I guess I just love yellow. One characterful element of Marine (and now Astra Militarum) forces are the Servitors. Mindless automatons that just stride right into the thick of things, blasting or chopping away. If you've read Mechanicum, you know what I'm talkin' bout.

 I've had these for a while and will add them to my Fist force once I start it. And yes, I'm dying to build and paint an Imperial Knight...eventually. That's another reason for sure.

 This guy will be my Tech Priest (counts as Enginseer or possibly a Techmarine with some converting).

Just some slight conversions on these, the models are really well done IMO. I may have to purchase a few more to add some ranged weaponry to them. 


Greg Hess said...

Do it you find it difficult when painting a metal/plastic hybrid model? Metal models always give me fits.
Love the extra bits you've added. Having just started working on a techmarine, I've been thinking of picking up some servitors as well!

Tony said...

For you boundless creative energy, I've nominated you for a Leibster Award... Keep it up!!

Chris said...

Nifty servitors. You've won a Liebster BTW. Keep up the great work.

Chris said...

Forgot the link last time. http://sippinonpaintwater.blogspot.com/2014/05/gots-me-liebster.html

jugger said...

Greg - I'm with you, metal is never my favorite thing to paint. I'll always prefer plastic minis for the easier converting and painting they afford.

Tony and Chris - THANK YOU!! You guys rock!! I'll be doing the same here in a bit for someone!