Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First game of 7th

New Edition! Get it??

Got in a quick 1000 Point game of 7th Edition on Saturday. It was (non-spam) Chaos Daemons vs. Tau. I used my usual "Pink and Stink" list.

Nurgle Daemon Prince - Psycher 2 and Wings
10 Plaguebearers
10 Plaguebearers
20 Daemonettes - Full command
20 Daemonettes - Full command
Nurgle Grinder - Phlegm

Commander in Crisis Suit
1 Crisis Suit
10 Fire Warriors
10 Fire Warriors
5 Pathfinders

We played the Maelstrom of War: Cleanse and Control mission. We set up with a Dawn of War Deployment to keep it simple. This is the mission with the six Objectives set across it. This let us use the Tactical Objective Cards, which were pretty interesting.

We both forgot to roll for Warlord Traits. NEWBS!

He had first turn and I failed to Seize. I had most of my stuff hidden pretty well so I wasn't too concerned with him getting first round shooting. I only had the DP, Plaguebearers and the Grinder on the board and all of them had cover in ruins or behind buildings.

His first round shooting was pretty quiet. Riptide and Hanmmerhead maneuvered around to get some shots off but the ungodly Nurgle cover saves made them ineffective. Things got more interesting when he started playing his Objective Cards. He picked up three points right off the bat for securing the numbered ones on his side of the board. Some lucky card pulls will really swing games now. It made him jump over with his Riptide to grab one, but that put him a little too far forward of his lines.

 My first round was good. I flew the DP forward, eyeing that Riptide. The Comedy Table was good to me, got a +1 to all my invulnerable saves. I got a lucky ricochet shot on his Commander with the Grinder's Phlegm, and insta-killed him from it being Strength 8. This in turn made the other Suit retreat which took it out of the game. That put a huge dent in his firepower. I got First Blood and Kill the Warlord. No Objective Card points for me.

Second Round I got shot at some more, and he grabbed more points by playing close Objective Cards. I was starting to fall behind. The cards are great for pulling you out of the old static game of waiting until the end rounds to hold objectives; they make you move now, which will change the dynamic of this game for sure.

My Second Round I went into Glide mode with the DP and grabbed a few Objectives with the Plaguebearers. I got one unit of Daemonettes down too, and they came on in front of the Fire Warriors, which is always awesome. Not. I forgot I could pull the second unit down with them with their Instrument. That would have helped saturate him a little instead of serving up one unit piecemeal. The Comedy table gave me nada this round, rolled a 7. The DP then charged the Riptide and whiffed it's to wound rolls (!). At least it couldn't shoot next round. My Balesword should finish it off.

Third Round sees the Fire Warriors blasting away at the poor Daemonettes, reducing them down to like four models. The Hammerhead continues shooting but keeps missing. He grabbed a few more points with the Cards as well. Combat sees the DP kill the Riptide. With most of the big shooting threats gone things should get better.

My Third Round the DP jumps off towards the Fire Warriors, ready to die in a hail of pulse beams. The other Plaguebearer unit reaches an Objectives and sits, and my other Daemonette unit comes down to camp on an Objective on his side of the board, protected by a building. Not a glorious job for them, but the possibility of Card points and Linebreaker is too good to pass up. I get lucky on the Comedy Table and roll a 12, giving me 10 free Daemonettes to drop in behind the Fire Warriors. I'm giving him bad choices now, shoot either them or the DP coming in from the flank. Either way, something will get to them next round. The Grinder continues to pump Phlegm at the Fire Warriors, knocking off a few here and there each round. I'm not bringing him out of those ruins.

Fourth Round and the Fire Warriors blast the DP down to one wound, with the Hammerhead finishing him off. Smart move, he gets Slay the Warlord doing that. Nothing much for him as his army is slowly being whittled down.

My Fourth Round gets me the game. The free Daemonettes charge the Fire Warriors and Pathfinders. Comedy table does basically nothing. I pull Objective Cards that gain me a bunch of points for holding stuff. Next round the Daemonettes charge the Hammerhead and glance it to death, gaining some more. I think the final score was fairly close, like 12-8.

So how did we like 7th? Overall, I dug it. The main thing that stuck out to me was the Objective Cards. It kept the game moving and interesting. If you get a Card, you have to find the balance of jumping for points if Objectives are close and protecting your stuff. Cheap Troops to move up the board hunting for them as they appear may be the answer to that, if you army has access to them. There were a few small tweaks here and there that may have come up during the game, but were minimal enough for us not to notice. One I was prepared for was having to wound Flying Monstrous Creatures to force grounding tests. No more marker light to the face of my Daemon Prince!

Anyone else try out 7th yet?


Kyle Flynn said...

Just FYI, switching to Glide mode means you can't assault until the next turn. Really cripples the FMC, though Nurgle has the best shot at it.

jugger said...

Ahhhh, missed that! Thanks for the heads up. It does kinda hurt their mobility a bit.