Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Alive.....it's alive...

...IT'S ALIVE!!!!

Ok, so after a protracted absence, I am back! I have been getting my place in order, buying furniture, settling in...all that stuff. One thing I needed to do was to consolidate some space and move out some of my extra armies. I'm selling off my Ogres and Orks.

Going forward, I'm sticking with Chaos Marines and Daemons. These have always been my favorite forces for 40k, I think they offer some of the best conversion opportunities, and I enjoy painting them more than anything else. I know they have new codexes or supplements incoming this year, and with that, more models too (which is always my driving force in this hobby), so the decision was easy. Much as I love my greenskins, it's just too daunting to go horde army right now. I already have most of a Fantasy Daemon army now, and we don't play that as much anymore, so the Ogres gotta march too.

So both those armies are up for sale. Know anyone interested, send em' my way! If they mention the Garage I'll hook them up for a special discount too.

Roughly, this is what's up for grabs. Pics of a lot of this are located in this blog.


Codex Orks
Waaagh Ghazgkull supplement
2 Warbosses (one plastic, one metal)
3 Big Meks (one with Shokk Gun)
Mad Dok conversion
Wierdboy conversion
30 Orks (includes 3 big shootas and an Ork Nob with claw)
30 Orks (includes 3 big shootas and an Ork Nob with claw)
30 Orks (includes 3 big shootas and an Ork Nob with claw)
16 Lootas
20 Ork Boyz in eavy' armor (converted Warhammer black orcs. A few have missing limbs)
16 Stormboyz
13 Burna Boyz (with 2 Meks)
15 Tankbustas (includes Nob with big choppa)
13 Kommandos (includes Nob) with Forgeworld heads
2 Looted Wagons
2 Deff Dreads (one in box)
4 Killer Kans (one missing arm)
TONS of Ork bitz (both troops and vehicle)


Ogre Kingdom book
Characters - all primed white with a wash over each
3 Butchers
The rest:
16 Bulls
5 Leadbelchers
5 Leadbdlchers
7 Iron Guts
4 Mournfang Cavalry (converted heads from Beastmen razorgors)
6 Sabretusks (converted Orc boars)
1 Ironblaster (converted into sled)
1 Giant
1 Stonehorn
3 Gorgers (ice trolls converted from River trolls)
Ton of extra bits

I also may have some Marine stuff for sale soon too. We'll see if it's worth hanging on to. Hope all is well with you fellas (and gals) out there. Some hobby updates soon! I hear a new Bloodthirster is incoming, so that means the other Greater Daemons should drop this year as well. Also hear rumor of plastic Death Guard. Oh man, could be a good summer!

In other news, vintage Star Wars figures keep showing up to my door as of late. It's so weird...

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