Friday, April 17, 2015

Building a better Great Unclean One

I did it. I couldn't hold out any longer. I decided not to wait for a new GUO model and will convert up one for use in both Fantasy and 40k!

The current little GUO is a wee guy now, what with the release of the new Bloodthirster kit. That boy is huuuuge! There is only one kit out there now that encompasses the size and girth of a Greater Daemon of Nurgle, and that is the Glottkin.

I just happened to get one in the mail the other day, so it's time to assemble! It's a really nice kit, not too complicated to put together at all. It will have some nice leftover bitz to use as well, especially the two Chaos Sorcerer riders.

So my idea for the Daemon is to use the main body of course, with a litle bit of manipulation of the head. I love the detail of the face, but I need to make him more "mine" and will be adding a single eye and horn. I think this will make him a little more Unclean. That face though, so cute only a Nurgling could love it.

Don't hate him cause he's beautiful!

So far I have assembled the legs and lower torso. Talk about cankles! 

I have a few more pieces to go on the torso, and then it's onto the arms and head. One thing I do not want to do with this guy is to just cut the back parts off and use him as a GUO. I plan on changing him up, mostly through the head and arms. I like the arms that come with him, but I'm thinking of making him holding a weapon, like maybe a big Nurgly looking axe or something. The "maw" arm will not be used, much as I like the nasty thing. Tonight I will scour my bitz for something that will fit the scale of the model. If not, I'll do some searching on Ebay or something.

On a couple of side notes, this dude took a tumble off my work area, and I had to reassemble him. I love this model!

I also got my work area finished up with some artwork hung. Mainly some D&D prints and some old art I did back in the day of...D&D stuff. Add in some Star Wars and I have immersed myself in nerdom.

Can't go wrong with Holloway, Dee, and Roslof!


Tony said...

Look forward to seeing what you do to him, mate.

Cool hobby space by the way!

jugger said...

Thanks T!

Mordian7th said...

Sweeeeeet - that's a great basis for a new GUO, can't wait to see more!

Greg Hess said...

GUO and awesome art work? Great post!

Flashkid123 said...

Is the base you are using an Imperial Knight one? Im thinking of getting The Glottkin myself for 40k and am trying to work out the best base size to use (either oval or large oval base). Thanks!

jugger said...

Thanks fellas!

Flash - I believe it is, it measures about 6.5" X 4.25"